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xxThe Technical Reference! | 09 May 16

17:20:59 by Firebomb
Views: 194 | Comments: 2


It's taken me a whole lot longer than I expected, but I have at long last completed work on my latest addition to the Universal Heroes (custom MSH RPG) system: the Technical Reference! This took a while because the book essentially took three different forms, the first of which I would've preferred, but would have taken me about thirty more years to complete (no, seriously).

As it sits, the Reference now gives you everything you need to build high technology users, cybernetic organisms, or even robotic entities. Modifying characters touched by transcendent technologies has never been easier with the all new, streamlined Invention process!  Furthermore, specific rules have been crafted (or absorbed) that allow one to easily quantify the following:

* Armor (powered or otherwise)
* Computers
* Cybernetics
* Firearms
* Robotics
* Vehicles
* Other items of note

This'll likely be my last update to the 13 for a while, and apologies in advance for that. However, if you are at least mildly curious, feel free to drop by and check out the Reference once you're done here. You can do that at this location:

xxAcross the yard, one of the bowmen on the roof of the old Flint Barracks had unlaced | 01 May 16

00:54:46 by Timothyrah | Views: 188 | Comments: 1

have left. You mustn’t let Father take him from me. Jaime, please.”
Duskendale was done and cold; it was the battles still to come that worried Catelyn.

xxTechnohol 13: Year 19! | 09 Apr 16

12:31:56 by Firebomb
Views: 236 | Comments: 1

Not only am I old, but so is Technohol 13!

Legally able to vote, were it a filthy human like you or I (well, you, at any rate), Technohol 13 is beginning its nineteenth year of operation on this very day. This goes to show you that I just don't know when to quit, sometimes, and probably persist long past when I should have packed it in. But I have not!

Thus, you can marvel at some of my wondrous creations over the last year. For one thing, I've completed Transcribing Transformers, a method by which you can build character descriptions from the Tech Specs on the back of almost every Transformer package. Neat, eh?

I've also started work on the great condensation of my GI Joe handbook, as well as virtually wrapped up work on my latest rules-y compendium, the Technical Reference. I also managed one or two other things, but they mostly involve neurotic upgrades to my existing rules texts.

Me, mental? Never!

Wait, yes I am. Disregard.

Anyway, I do have great plans for the 13 on its 19th year, so drop on by now and then, to see if I actually manage to actualize any (or all?) of them! You can, of course, do that at this location - once you're done on this site:

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