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08/01/2015 - Welcome back! A few new things have been added. You can read about it here.

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xxNecromantia | 21 Aug 15

14:56:26 by kingcrowley6969
Views: 332 | Comments: 0

The days feel empty. They remind me of just how empty I am inside. There is a strange surreal quality to everything. The colors seem off… like everything is from some old movie. I feel like there used to an exit here but I can no longer find it. My thoughts…My words fall like dead skin. I can no longer find a meaning to any of this… or maybe I no longer want to. Day gives way to night and night gives way to more emptiness. The cycle continues and all I can do is watch…

“The memory of the just is blessed: but the name of the wicked shall rot.”
-Proverbs 10:17-

xxWhat's My Motivation? | 09 Aug 15

22:03:07 by Firebomb
Views: 362 | Comments: 1

So I've been working a lot of overtime the last six months, which has caused me to lose touch with most of the folks I enjoy talking with online, not to mention focus on what I want to do and why. And then I encounter an unmitigated back-alley abortion of a gaming product like this:

So yeah, I guess I have once again gotten in touch with the fury needed to slot the words into place up in my head. If only because I know I can come up with better material in my sleep. And I don't even have to take my cues from talk radio hate mongering to do it.

I suppose it's sad that I only do my best writing when I'm pissed off at someone or something, but then that's why my personal 'blog' site hasn't had much going on the last few years. What do you know, though, finding someone making money off material like this takes all the cake.

I.e., why aren't I making said money?

Thus, it's high time I get back on the horse, and wrap up my custom rules stuff. So that I can simultaneously wrap up the work necessary for the fourth, mystery system that'll be housed on my site. Since I can't seem to get the perfect domain for it away from its cybersquatting owner.

Thirty five thousand dollars my foot.

(As an aside, I DID manage that with my domain, swiping it away from them for only 1/29th of what they were asking. Ah, success)...

xxPurity | 06 Aug 15

13:22:53 by kingcrowley6969
Views: 403 | Comments: 1

As there are Four Elements, so there are four deaths of sacrifice, by which prophecy shall be given, & the goodwill of all spirits obtained. These are the Death of Air: Which is hanging or strangling; The Death of Water: which is made by drowning; The Death of Fire: Which is to be burnt alive; and the Death of Earth: Which is done beneath the ground or in a Tomb of Stones. These deaths only shall yield true Prophecy. When that the sacrifice shall be brought forth after them and examined by the Judges, and by The King's Wisdom, and by the King himself. No Death by the sword, or by the knife, or by anything that draws forth blood shall yield true prophecy. Nor shall it call down Power upon the one who slays by it, unless he be engaged in the hunt of the white stag. The hunting of the white stag is the King's hunt, for it confers the rule upon the Prince and confirms in his Kingship the old King. At the dark of the year do the King and his Wisdom & all his Ministers and Judges go forth to seek the Stag, for he is Father, Brother, & Son to the King, and of his own Blood. He shall be pursued in all Honor, for his is the Royal line; and with much cunning...for his is the wisdom of the Salmon, given in his Eating; and with many great Feats of Strength, so that he who slays the Stag may be called the greatest among the great men: Worthiest in all the Worthy Company.  They shall not hunt the Stag with hounds of sight or scent, or any Dog of the common coursing, but only by their own skill and fleetness take the White Stag of Kingship. They shall not hunt Him with hackbut or any Gun, but only the weapons that take their power from the strength of the Hunter.  Then shall he who has The Right bring the Stag to bay and slay him. So that his Blood is fed to the Earth and his power falls upon the king, his hunter.  And the King's wisdom shall confirm him in his rule with the blood of the stag and dedicate him to the Throne of Earth that the company of the king may be strong in Craft, and Mighty.  Then all shall honor the name of the stag, and receive thankfully the power he has vouchsafed to them.....but if he who has not the Right sheds the Blood of the Stag, or any quarry if which he is not rightful huntsman, which is that quarry that is to him Father, Brother, and Son, that Blood shall be to him poison and accursed. His fellows shall not rest until he is dead and left to lie unburied and un-mourned; and none among them shall speak his name again, or do aught but dishonor to his memory....

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