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12/30/2015 - Welcome back! The Ultimate Origins Supplement Three: Golden Age and More has been released for the Classic Marvel RPG. You can read about it here.

Welcome to Gaming Nerds Я Us!!

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Gaming Nerds Я Us

xxSexcetera v2 has been uploaded from proofreading. | 07 Feb 16

07:41:59 by MajorTomSawyer
Views: 51 | Comments: 0

Naturally the new files can be found in the Proofreading forum.

If you are willing to help, and do not have access, let me know!

You will be credited in the book for your work!

Edit: For those interested, here are the new things going into the book:
  • 15 New "adult" themed locations from various comic books that can be used for settings.
  • A random fetish table.
  • 8 new entries into the Menagerie, that can be used as Origins.
  • 15 new entries into the Persona section, which are characters with "adult" backgrounds from various comics.
  • 5 new/improved tables for the Random Courtesans section, to help create quick, but in-depth characters/NPCs.
  • 15 New Spells
  • 6 Advantages, and 10 Disadvantages (and a system for them) for use for characters or NPCs.

This is from the original back cover:

Sex... Taboo to some, enjoyed by many. This book boldly goes where not Classic Marvel RPG Supplement has gone before by adding rules for more "adult" activities in the game.

Within these pages you will find; an article on how to introduce sexuality into the game, rules for female characters, diseases, twenty new spells, seven new templates, ten new Origins, and everything you need to generate random prostitutes and brothels!

I have gone out of my way to present this information in a mature fashion (no "bitch" rules like other works of this nature from around the web contain).

Access to the original requires adult access (read about how to get it here), and access to the Proofreader Forum also requires special permission. If interested in either, let me know.

Would-be Proofreaders can request access here, or via PM, whichever you prefer....

xxThe Ultimate Origins Supplement Three: Golden Age and More has been released! | 30 Dec 15

06:26:43 by MajorTomSawyer
Views: 243 | Comments: 2

As per the topic, another book finished!

Seriously people, give Firebomb a thank you for this book. Some of the writing (especially mine) was so bad he did not just edit, he had to re-write parts of it.

The City of Heroes information was pulled from it, and replaced with more Golden Age Origins.

There will probably be a CoH Expansion for the UOB line sometime.

The CoH and Paragon wikis can be a little painful to read though...

Anyway, you can read more in the Local Library....

xxThe Ultimate Origins Supplement Three: Golden Age and More | 30 Dec 15

06:18:20 by MajorTomSawyer
Views: 152 | Comments: 1


I will let the back cover explain what the book has to offer:

The third supplement for the Ultimate Origins Book is now complete! This book is designed to be your one-stop source for generating Origins for characters from the Golden Age. A few "modern" Origins have also been presented for your gaming pleasure!

Within these pages you will find: one hundred and eighteen Origins, and two new Appendixes containing charts to help customize your character.

This game accessory is designed for use with the MARVEL SUPER HEROES™ ADVANCED SET.

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