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3/17/2016 - Secetera: The Director'd Cut has been released! You can read about it here.

Welcome to Gaming Nerds Я Us!!

Gaming Nerds Я Us is the generic gaming site, and has been around in one form or another since 2001. If you like Pen and Paper Gaming, Console Gaming, Computer Gaming, MMORPGs, Board Games, or if you are even just a random web surfer, you are welcome to join our growing community. Several features and mods have been implemented into the forum for everyone's enjoyment, and our download library will be updated from time to time.

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xxAcross the yard, one of the bowmen on the roof of the old Flint Barracks had unlaced | 01 May 16

00:54:46 by Timothyrah | Views: 7 | Comments: 0

have left. You mustn’t let Father take him from me. Jaime, please.”
Duskendale was done and cold; it was the battles still to come that worried Catelyn.

xxTechnohol 13: Year 19! | 09 Apr 16

12:31:56 by Firebomb
Views: 76 | Comments: 1

Not only am I old, but so is Technohol 13!

Legally able to vote, were it a filthy human like you or I (well, you, at any rate), Technohol 13 is beginning its nineteenth year of operation on this very day. This goes to show you that I just don't know when to quit, sometimes, and probably persist long past when I should have packed it in. But I have not!

Thus, you can marvel at some of my wondrous creations over the last year. For one thing, I've completed Transcribing Transformers, a method by which you can build character descriptions from the Tech Specs on the back of almost every Transformer package. Neat, eh?

I've also started work on the great condensation of my GI Joe handbook, as well as virtually wrapped up work on my latest rules-y compendium, the Technical Reference. I also managed one or two other things, but they mostly involve neurotic upgrades to my existing rules texts.

Me, mental? Never!

Wait, yes I am. Disregard.

Anyway, I do have great plans for the 13 on its 19th year, so drop on by now and then, to see if I actually manage to actualize any (or all?) of them! You can, of course, do that at this location - once you're done on this site:

xxHey all :) and My own campaign world. | 24 Mar 16

12:42:34 by JennChant
Views: 155 | Comments: 2

While my profile here isn't exactly new I haven't been doing a lot here.  I'd like to change that and participate more with the community here.  I started up a local Marvel RPG game a while back that's running only intermittently along side another friends game (I run when another group of peeps don't show leaving the first GM with out enough peeps for his game and some one else runs when my Mistress and I can't show up to game so the main GM always has enough peeps for his game and the rest of us run intermittently).  The world I run is 100% custom with ideas pulled from all sorts of places including online super hero fiction, novel's I've read and my own twisted imagination.  If any one is interested I can post tidbits about my world :)  I don't think any of my players are part of this online community and if they are then... don't use OOC info in game if I drop it here :P  If there's enough interest I will probably work on a supplement for it (if for no other reason then to help me formulate and codify parts of it that are still in a bit of flux at the moment)

The basics are the world had very, very few super powered individuals before Feb 2nd 1980.  The ones that did exist normally operated in secret or were actively covered up by world governments.  On Feb 2nd 1980 "The Event" occurred.  An explosion that left a 1 mile wide and 1 mile deep glassed over crater in Area 51 who's shock wave was felt around the world (and detected by satellites as far away as Voyager 1 near Saturn all at exactly the same second (would have been detected farther out if humanity had sensors farther out at that time as well...)  Shortly after that the first super heroes emerged. 

I have a rough (mostly complete) timeline of events from that first event through to start of the first campaign on Jan 1st 2000.  All of the PCs decided to roll up teens so my first campaign is the "training" of a new superhero team by some of the more experienced NPC heroes of the day.

My world is pulled from quite a few sources and the group filling in the same niche as SHEILD is a variant of UNIT from Dr Who that's behaving more like SHEILD in Agents of SHEILD so far who guide and support the only official super hero teams with a light touch so long as they are on the up and up. They are also responsible for the group of teens that are forming my first official campaign in this world.  I've taken a few ideas from DC as well in that there are a few fictional cities in my world so that I can avoid the whole "That's not in that city in real life" argument when I have a map of some where for combat (also since the Marvel RPG maps don't seem to match up with any real locations in New York that I ever found I'm using them as sections of Metro City on the West Coast, south of the Bay Area and north of LA in California where my game is based)

If any peeps are interested I can share more about this world.  I've been working on it for some time and will probably put together a supplement for my world just for my own notes but if there's interest I would happily make it available when it's done :)...

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