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08/01/2015 - Welcome back! A few new things have been added. You can read about it here.

Welcome to Gaming Nerds Я Us!!

Gaming Nerds Я Us is the generic gaming site, and has been around in one form or another since 2001. If you like Pen and Paper Gaming, Console Gaming, Computer Gaming, MMORPGs, Board Games, or if you are even just a random web surfer, you are welcome to join our growing community. Several features and mods have been implemented into the forum for everyone's enjoyment, and our download library will be updated from time to time.

Hosting is available for would be authors, details can be read in the welcome thread in the Announcements forum.

For our registered members, we also host a complete archive of Ty States MSH website,, and B.J. Zanzibar's World of Darkness, in addition to our download section. We currently have over 597 files available for download.

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Gaming Nerds Я Us

xxMTS' List of WIP Projects | 01 Aug 15

18:40:39 by MajorTomSawyer
Views: 20 | Comments: 2

As many of you know, my brain is riddled with A.D.D., so I jump around from project to project from time to time. I thought I would make a list of what I have in the works, for people to view, and maybe comment on what they would like to see.

  • Ultimate Talents Book Revision*
  • Ultimate Origins Book - Image Comics

World of Darkness
  • Clanbook: Plebites Revision*
  • The Forgotten Revision
  • Vampire: Masquerading as a Requiem (VtM Clans/Bloodlines for VtR)
  • Bloodlinebook: Black Widows (See note below)

Projects marked with an asterisk are ones where Tammra is working closely with me on them in every part of the process. They take longer, but are better in the end. So, when she is inspired to work on one of them, whatever else I am working on goes on hold as long as she is willing to work.

As for the Black Widows, I had forgotten I started that one years back (and lost it on a hard drive that has been recently recovered).  It is "almost" done, but I have not modified the file since 4/5/2011 7:41 PM according to the folder that contains it. So it looks dated, and I should update it.

As for now? Going to sleep and think about what to work on when I wake up....

xxThe "Soon™" Update is now! | 01 Aug 15

11:42:37 by MajorTomSawyer
Views: 44 | Comments: 6

Well, I hope this was worth the wait.


Marvel RPG Updates!

The next supplement for the Ultimate Origins Line "Golden Age and More" has been uploaded and is being proofread. It weighs in at 202 pages, and have over a hundred "new" Origins contained in it for the Classic Marvel RPG.

I am about 80% done with a markeover of David E. Martin's Aliens of Marvel book. I am running into trouble finding art for all the races, so feel free to shoot them my way (the release will be much sooner that way).


Vampire: The Masquerade updates.

Now, I heard a rumor that I have some World of Darkness fans here. Got even more for all of you.

First, thanks to kingcrowley6969 I finally got my hands on a copy of Luke Slater's Setite Clanbook. I did some updating to it, and you can read about it in the Local Library.

I finally got around to giving one of my favorite books, Bloodlinebook Ahrimane a makeover (filler art, etc...). Here is the Local Library link.

For a more general World of Darkness fan, I stumbled across a copy of Voodoo: The Macabre. Pretty sure you know where to go to read about it by now.

Lastly, I also stumbled across a copy of Gehenna Age: Vampire. This is for both Masquerade, and Requiem. Which brings me to...


Vampire: The Requiem Updates!

I found two bloodlines while surfing, and uploaded both of them for your entertainment; Asena and Proditores.

Lastly, I took four articles by official members of the VtR team, and turned the bloodlines presented in them into .pdf wirteups for printing, easy accessibility. Here is a link to the download section where you can find them.

I might be making a VtM for VtR book as well. I found a few Clans/Bloodlines already converted (Anda, Daughters of Cacophony, Kisayd, Lamiae, Lasombra, Lhiannan, Tremere, and Tzimisce. Also, Assamites and Followers of Set as Covenants). So, if you have any others, please let me know.

I know some of them appear in official books, if you know which ones and which books, that would help as well.


Future Projects

Tammra and I will be working on finishing up Phlebites next, then (probably) the long awaited update to the Ultimate Talents Book. If you liked the original, this one will blow your mind.

Solo(ish) projects of mine include the Aliens of Marvel update (mentioned above), finishing up another update (and hopefully last) for The Forgotten. One of the things I will be including are the KotEK bloodlines. My pdf of the book is poor quality, so I have to type them up. If anyone wants to do it for me, that would speed things along nicely (credit given naturally), and a few other little ones that I have worked on in the past, and considered doing now.

Edit: Also forgot to mention a UoB: Image Comics has some work done on it as well.


One bit of bad news, I am still out of work, and the monthly bill for the site is due soon. I need about $5.00 to keep it going another month. If you can spare anything, please help out. Crisis averted, we are good now, thank you!

Sorry for the long delay on the update, but I hope it was worth it for everyone!...

clipClanbook: Setite by Luke Slater | 01 Aug 15

11:10:45 by MajorTomSawyer
Views: 13 | Comments: 1


A long-lost fan book, that was rediscovered by our very own kingcrowley6969!

I have updated the book quite a bit (layout, order, etc...), so for those who may not like it, the original .pdf has been added as an attachment to this post.

I will let the back cover explain what the book has to offer:

The Setites (or Followers of Set) are a clan of vampires who believe their founder was the Egyptian god Set. Orthodox Setite belief dictates that Set will one day return to rule or consume the world, and devout Setites prepare the way for his resurrection. To this end, the clan remains independent of the Sects of other Kindred, and practice with great skill the arts of corruption, deceit and ancient sorcery. They refer to themselves as the Mesu Bedshet, the "Children of Rebellion".

In this book you will find:
   • A detailed history of the Setites.
   • An overview of their religious practices.
   • Variant bloodlines of the clan.
   • And more!


Pages: [1] 2

Dark Spiral


Feel free to guilt me into making more netbooks!

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