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xxNew Universe Handbook | 29 Oct 14

18:53:23 by Firebomb
Views: 300 | Comments: 0

Heya. I've been grinding away at this for months, but I have finally finished a massive overhaul of my New Universe gaming reference over on my site, Technohol 13.

No, the project isn't done yet (ha ha), but at least now everything I've got up there, like everything else I've been tinkering with over the last few years, is all internally consistent.

While this thing isn't complete, I have completed work on these series to date:

* Kickers, Inc. (football meets Scooby Doo, what could possibly go wrong? Bonus: ascots)
* Marc Hazzard: Merc (which changed to 'just' Merc after they killed the title character for some reason)
* Nightmask (not the troll, though he did fight a guy called the Gnome)
* The Pitt One-Shot (my introduction to the 'premiere format' comic)
* Psi-Force (my personal favorite)
* Spitfire and the Troubleshooters / Spitfire / Codename: Spitfire / Project: Pick A Name And Stick With It
* the Star Brand  (if I have to revise all these guys again I will just jump off a bridge, ugh)

Additionally, I've built the primary protagonists from the DP 7 and Justice series as well, in addition to writing the issue summaries for the former. I have yet to delve deeper into their casts, however.

I'm taking a bit of a break from this material, since I've been pounding away at it for about six months now, but when I return I'd like to start wrapping it up. Someday, I may eventually end a project.


Anyhow, in case any of my revised New Universe material interests you, feel free to check it once you're done here, at the following address (note the new URL - changed it for troll reasons).

xxwhen angels fall | 25 Oct 14

15:32:20 by sistersinister
Views: 334 | Comments: 0

when angels fall

when angels fall from sainted high
they hit the ground with nary a sigh
bemoaning soft their broken wings
resigned to the agony mortality brings

casting far their heavenly crowns
virgin feet finally touch ground
never again sated by holy manna
once enlightened by a carnal nova

deserting their once beloved chores
complacant no longer to soar
unyeliding above without caress
fingertips now learned transgress

burning, like lead they plunge down
for a sinner without saintly crown
whos tears are like a sailene river
no reason as they feel a first shiver

no virgin to sate their new desire
but worldly, consumed by eartehn mire
no more immortality for them then
yet loosed by velevet brush of skin


xxthe demons of dragon palace | 25 Oct 14

15:30:12 by sistersinister
Views: 328 | Comments: 0

the demons of dragon palace

the kingdom was quiet resting in the growing dark
white moon peeled the clouds back and stole a glance
toward the huddled masses below her snowy face
down the long hallway came the king by strange chance

His noble head a heaviness regal shoulders were loathe to bear
shadows played along behind his precious form
a demon found his side,whispering into his ancient ear
making the kings wise eyes fill with a mad storm

it kept his counsel as he found his way to bed
weak and tired the king laid down and closed his eyes
unaware of the tears that were to be shed
all those in the kingdom let out a scared sigh

this demon played with the kings ragged breath
he danced round holding his vile court
at the king's side stood the vision  of death
hearts broke and minds were out of sort

the kings eyes opened to stare into the distance
they found the place were none could follow
no warning of his letting go of resistance
the king has died and left us hollow

the king is dead
long live the king
the demons of dragon palace

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