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8/16/2016 - The Forgotten v3 has been released! You can read about it here.

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xxThe Book of Magic! | 31 Aug 16

11:10:48 by Firebomb
Views: 62 | Comments: 1

I thought I'd built a thread for the Book already, but apparently I didn't. What's wrong with me? Good morning/afternoon/evening/night/whatever!

Just dropping in to let all y'all know that I've been working on the oldest work in the current iteration of my various rules systems, the Book of Magic. As a part of my attempt to fix the Pronoun Problem in all of my many works, I've cleaned up most of what I've written, but I hadn't yet gotten to the Book. The reason was that I have been wanting to completely overhaul the roster of spells one can use via the Book, and wanted to perform both tasks at once.

However! Since I've covered everything else save for the ridiculously huge Powers document, it seemed high time to go through the Book and get its text up to snuff. And this, this I have done. Of course, the benefit of putting eyes on the text again is that I've found a bunch of things I could do to improve the text overall, tightening up my grammar and breaking out the thesaurus to minimize the use of repetitive words as much as is possible.

I have yet to get around to the spell roster, since I have to decide what stays and what goes, and then what gets added in, but I figured I'd let you know that the Book is now on my radar once more, in case either of these issues were keeping you away from this thing. Hopefully, by the time I'm done, I'll have all the unique school spell lists filled in, as well as having greatly expanded the 'common' pool of magic everyone can draw upon.

Though I'll probably build out the 4C System: Edition 13 version of the Book first. I THOUGHT I had done this already, but I didn't see it anywhere on my site or in my files, so either I built it and lost it or I'm imagining things, after having done this with one of my other works. What can I say, I've had my hands so full with various calamities at both work and at home that my recall is a bit stunted of late. Especially with stuff I only get to work on during breaks at work.

Anyhow! Feel free to check out the Book of Magic once you're done here. You might see something you haven't before. Or, at least, find what you already have seen more pleasing on the lobes.

xxNo Activation Mail | 25 Aug 16

14:30:11 by Alfred | Views: 173 | Comments: 8

Hi, I'm not getting an activation mail when I join. Hope you can help me, thanks....

xxThe Forgotten v3 is finally released! | 16 Aug 16

10:43:12 by MajorTomSawyer
Views: 278 | Comments: 1

This update to The Forgotten, wound up being much larger than anticipated by me.

The original version contained seven clans/bloodlines.

Version two contained fourteen clans/bloodlines.

Version three contains fifty-six clans/bloodlines! I am also much happier with the new layout.

You can read about it in the Local Library.

In addition, two minor updates. Seems my annoying monitor problem with the menu staying open in the middle of my screen is not the first time I have had problems. Seems my black levels were off, and on a couple of books, the full page art with text had "smears" on it, rather than being perfectly balanced.

So, I used this as a chance to make some minor updates to two books.

Bloodlinebook: Ahrimane had that corrected and got a couple of minor graphical updates.

Clanbook; Setites also had that corrected and got a few graphical corrections. Additionally, I noticed I used the wrong character sheet. Since Luke Slater titled the book Setites instead of Followers of Set, the 2nd edition Revised character sheet did not fit correctly to me.

So I made my own character sheet for it (by made my own, I mean I took the brilliant one made by Mr Gone, and tweaked the header.

I created a Patron Page in case anyone is feeling generous, and would like to pledge money that way instead of using the Paypal donate button on the home page.

If everyone reading this pledged a dollar a month... we would have more money than we do now.

Enjoy the books! ...

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